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Our Story

Our mission is to boost food nutrition, via supplying nutritious poultry proteins to EVERYONE in Rwanda​, and beyond


We supply:

·    Delicious barn raised Halal chicken meat

·    Affordable free-range eggs

·    Nutritious petfood

·    Healthy layer day-old-chicks to other farmers

Why Chicken?

Chicken is the most consumed meat globally for many reasons – the quick turnaround time means that it can be the cheapest meat protein to be produced. It is also high in protein and lower in calories, fat and cholesterol compared to red meat, and rich in essential vitamins like iron, zinc and vitamin B.


But why is chicken still so expensive in Rwanda…?


Feed is over 70% of the cost of producing any livestock, meaning this has the biggest impact on the overall cost of production per chicken. The costs of raw materials for feed continue to skyrocket in Rwanda post pandemic, this means the costs also go up…

And why PEAL Chicken?

At PEAL, our promise is firstly, QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY



Our mission is to grow the market via our network contract farmers, to ensure nobody gets left behind, and to achieve the economies of scale in order to reduce the cost of chicken for the nation…. Because we believe everyone has the right to enjoy the best quality chicken!

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