Poultry East Africa Ltd (PEAL) is a poultry farming social enterprise based in Bugesera, Rwanda. We are the first integrated poultry farm with our own feed mill, broiler farm and slaughtering-processing-distribution facilities. Our primary objective is to improve food nutrition in Rwanda and the neighbouring countries through providing affordable and accessible meat proteins to its growing population. Through our team of local poultry experts as well as technical advice from industry leaders in Netherlands, South Africa and Singapore, we seek to deliver high quality protein.



Supply and demand dynamics


We strive to be the first commercial poultry farm in Rwanda that meets global standards of output. With modern farming techniques and world-class technology and expertise, we aim to supply 6,000 birds per week. With commercial scale, we are able to supply at a lower than market cost.


Poultry meat is the most consumed meat in the world.


Currently in Rwanda, poultry meat is the most expensive meat in the market, more expensive than beef or mutton. This is because its import reliance and heavy costs incurred along the way. As such, poultry meat is rarely consumed in Rwanda.

Poultry meat is the recommended meat by the American Heart Association to reduce the risks of cardiovascular illnesses linked with consuming other fattier meats.





Commercial poultry farming has been practised worldwide for decades. Modern farming techniques and world-class technology has improved productivity over the years. At PEAL, we want to be the first farm in East Africa that meets global standards of output, applying best practices to achieve maximum capacity. While we are productivity and efficiency driven, we also guarantee quality and biosecurity in our operations.


We have the technology and expertise to meet global standards of output.


5 ton per hour automated feed mill

Broiler farm with 50,000 capacity

400 bird per hour slaughtering plant

Expert team of butchers for meat preparation and processing


Ensuring freshness with our CHILL-2-CHILL System

Freezer room

5 ton cold truck ensure freshness and quality meat




Freezer Room



  • Quality feed – packed with nutrients – protein and amino acids for fast conversion

  • Something about quality feed and PEAL’s competitive advantage

  • Layer – starter, grower, finisher – explain ages and feed composition differences

  • Broiler -  ages, grower, finisher  – explain ages and feed composition differences

  • Can supply over 20,000 tons of finished feed a year



  • We can supply up to 6,000 chickens a week

  • Preference – fresh, frozen, parts, processed, weight, brochettes






Through our operations, we are able to create an integrated network of farmers. We work with other farmers for raw material such as maize and soya bean, these are essential for our feed, which is in turn sold to other poultry farmers. We also employ x amount of people on the farm, equipping them with best practices and skills of the trade.


At PEAL we are conscious of our environmental and social footprint. While affordable protein is our primary objective, we also keep in mind the impact that we have on society, and of course our chickens too!





We care about the quality of life for our chickens, ensuring comfortable living stardards are met with warmth, lighting and gentle handling. We also adhere to ethical slaughtering standards.